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  • When will my milk “come in”?

When will my milk “come in”?

New mothers are usually wondering when their milk will ‘come in’, which is a very valid concern when it comes to feeding your new baby. It may seem like breastmilk ‘comes in’ since only small amounts of thin, yellowish breastmilk, better known as colostrum, are present at the birth of baby. Don’t underestimate the miniscule amounts of this liquid gold, either. Colostrum plays an important role in the newborn’s immune function and is rich in antibodies to keep the baby healthy.

The truth is-your milk is ALWAYS there! (Leaking during pregnancy is a great example of this!) Breastmilk merely begins to increase in volume as baby gets older. Not only does the milk change in volume, it changes nutritionally as well to meet the baby’s unique needs in the early days of life.

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