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  • Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival
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Seasonal Favorites for Baby's Arrival

The one sure thing about your baby’s arrival? It’s going to happen during a season! No matter your location or when your little one arrives, you’ll want to be seasonally prepared with the best products for motherhood success! Here is a list of some of our favorites by season:

Spring: When the outdoors become accessible again

  • Yoga brahhh

    • We all know that springtime reminds us that summer’s just around the corner. Use this time to move around comfortably in your post-baby bod. Just as the name suggests, our Yoga Nursing Brahhh is perfect for yoga, pilates, barre, simple stretching, lounging, falling asleep...uh oh.
      But seriously! This bra loves low-impact use and can take you from your local studio to feeding your baby in no time. With drop-down cups and clasps on either side for baby to have easy access, the bra gets you from “ommmm” to “ahhhh” before you can say savasana.

  • A good book

    • We know, we know. Asking you to chill out with a book AND a newborn? We promise we aren’t trying to be unrealistic. We at bamboobies take new mom health very seriously, and self-care is a huge part of that health. Take some time to dive into some words that can take you somewhere else - Paris? The floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Back to your teens? Whatever the location, genre, or theme, allowing yourself to read when the weather can change at the drop of a hat will give your body some much needed rest.
      #momhack - Read your favorite book to baby. They don’t fully understand the words, so read a book that you enjoy. That way, you both get something out of it!

  • Denim jacket

    • Versatility is the name of the game for new moms. The magic of a denim jacket is that it can up the cool factor on even the hoodiest of hoodies that you happen to be wearing and make someone say “where’d you get that?” And sometimes there’s nothing better than looking them in the eye and responding “my second home, Target,” and knowing you’ve created a special bond that only another mama can know. Take your look to the next level of awesome by trying a colored pant or legging to get into the spring spirit.

Summer: When the outdoors get sunny & hot

  • Blender

    • Unless you’re near a pole (the North or South versions), you are probably hot in the summer. And if you’re hot, you’re going to want a fix-all, especially if you’re going from very pregnant to newly nursing. While we can’t promise you something like that exists, the magic of a good blender is that it can make you Pinterest hacks like eye masks, super smooth gazpachos, and magically cooling beverages (maybe with a splash of somethin’ extra - get it, mama!). Plus, you can puree up some foods for your little one if they’re at the age of trying out solids. There’s nothing more fun than blending things, especially after a trying day. Let the whir of the blender take you to an island paradise where there’s definitely a pool and someone’s definitely using that blender to make you something delicious.

  • Nursing Tank

    • Listen. It’s hot. We get it. Sometimes, the thought of putting on another layer like a bra makes you want to cry. We agree, and it’s why we put it together with a versatile nursing tank to give you all the ease with none of the effort. A built-in shelf bra goes along with simple nursing clips and drop-down cups for breastfeeding and pumping ease. This tank can go with you from pregnancy to breastfeeding and is light enough to wear as a sleep shirt. We’re all about that double use, and we’re not going to judge you if it’s day two (or three) in it.

  • Sun hat

    • Sun protection is important all year round, but we’re extra careful in summer when the sun’s rays are working their hardest and Daylight Savings Time means more time in direct sunlight. While we advocate for wearing sunscreen for you and baby, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra piece of protection with a great hat. Wide-brimmed sun hats can be dressed up with a great pair of sunglasses for an effortless look that also protects not only your face, but your neck, shoulders, and décolleté - and maybe baby if you’re front-carrying!

Fall: When the outdoors lead you to pumpkin-flavored goodies

  • Simple slide-on shoes

    • Fall means you might be really cold in the morning and sweating by the afternoon, but somewhere in between is the weather sweet spot - we’re talking coffee-in-hand, looking-like-an-Instagram-post type of weather. Take advantage of that small window by getting a great pair of slide-on shoes to get you out the door quickly! Whether it’s a super comfy flat or a fun slip-on sneaker, get a pair of shoes you don’t need to lean down to put on. The sooner you’re outside in those great kicks, the sooner you’re headed back inside because a really cold breeze hit you, so make the time count without tricky zippers or lots of laces.
  • Chic Nursing Shawl

    • Speaking of quick and easy, how about a modern look that doesn’t scream “hey, I’m breastfeeding over here underneath this apron!”? Enter the Chic Nursing Shawl. Cover up any stains from leaky boobs (though you won’t have those when you’ve got Nursing Pads, right?), spit-up mishaps, or that three-day old Nursing Tank with ease. This shawl transitions so easily into fall with the ability to cover your arms if you’re cold and turn into a scarf when you warm up, or be removed completely and work as a car seat cover. Seriously versatile, seriously stylish, seriously easy.

  • Massage appointment

    • Like Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford say, treat yo-self. If you’ve just brought a life into the world, ask yourself if you could go for some relaxation. We believe the answer to that is a resounding “YES!” (Imagine all of us at bamboobies cheering for you - because we are!) Fall gives us the ability to turn inward as we prepare for winter, and we can’t think of a better way to care for you and baby by giving your body full tranquility that can last for days afterward. Not into massage? How about a facial, manicure, or pedicure? If none of those sound up your alley, take time and space to be by yourself and relax in your favorite way - a cup of tea near a fire, checking out an art show, or grabbing a delicious dinner all sound like perfect alternatives or accompaniments to a massage and are still self-care focused!

Winter: When the outdoors send you back indoors to your Netflix subscription

  • Nursing pajamas

    • Winter means you never have to get out of flannel pants, right? Okay, maybe not, but we can pretend in the first weeks following delivery and the cold nights following with some comfy nursing-friendly PJs. If you’re breastfeeding while lying down, look for a pajama top that has a wide neck or buttons for easy access. As for bottoms, think wide belly bands and soft, soft, soft. Your coziness post partum is huge for comfort for you as well as your little one, so don’t be afraid to splurge on a pair or two. You deserve it!

  • Nipple Balm

    • We can’t say it enough - our boob♥ease 100% Organic Nipple Balm is your winter lifesaver. With no lanolin and certified organic ingredients, you can trust that this versatile wonder-product will be safe for both dry nipples and for baby’s ingestion if applied before a breastfeeding sesh. Other uses for this product? We’ve heard of using on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns; other patches of dry skin; as a lip balm; and to soothe chafing. Nipple Balm seriously rules!

  • Warm gloves

    • Whether you’re pushing a stroller, carrying a car seat, or playing in the snow with your little one, your hands are going to need some cover. Beyond using that Nipple Balm for chapped hands (try it, we swear!), investing in a durable, warm pair of gloves will be your saving grace this winter and winters to follow. Go for waterproof if you live in an area with lots of snow or rain, or opt for a fuzzy sweater-like pair if you are mostly condensation-free. Either way, give your hands a hug as you lug around all that comes with baby (beyond baby themselves!)
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