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Why bamboo?

Moms are always asking us about our name. “bamboobies? ...bam...boobies? Boobies? What?” It doesn’t take an employee (or big-time fan!) long to explain that it’s more than just a fun name - it’s an important cause that we’re proud to stand behind.

bamboobies got our name when Kerry, our founder, was in the thick of her leaky breastfeeding journey. She would breastfeed on one side and leak like a faucet from the other! In a moment of discomfort and desperation, she stuck a piece of super-soft bamboo fabric in her bra and the rest was history (well, minus the building of a company and all the parts that go along with it). Bamboo + boobies = bamboobies!

Bamboo materials have always been a part of the equation, and not just because that was the closest fabric to her leaky breast. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material. Our mission is to ensure that new moms and babies are happier and healthier, and so is their world. We use bamboo rayon velour in our Washable Nursing Pads, and rayon from bamboo fabric in our Nursing Tanks, Yoga Nursing Brahhhs, and Chic Nursing Shawls.

What makes bamboo eco-friendly? Bamboo is sustainably harvested and regrows fast. How fast? We’re talking full height in 8-10 weeks, with full maturity in three to five years. (There’s one species that has been seen to grow three feet in a day!) It grows quickly from rhizomes, can be harvested and will regrow without adversely affecting its surrounding environment, and is used all over the world in different ways beyond fabrics.

Beyond its speedy regrowth, bamboo is also considered eco-friendly because it doesn’t require pesticides, irrigation, or fertilizer to grow. How cool is that? Bamboo trees have a water-use efficiency that is DOUBLE that of other trees! That means they’re able to withstand drought, fire, floods, heat...you name it, bamboo trees can handle it! And in comparison to cotton, there’s no match. It would take 58 times the amount of water to produce two pounds of cotton to two pounds of bamboo. Talk about efficient!

And bamboo still does more! It’s working to fight global warming by absorbing 35% more carbon dioxide and providing 35% more oxygen than trees. That’s right - the bamboo that gets cut, regrows quickly, and uses little water to get the job done is also working to keep our air cleaner and better for us to breathe.

Our mamas know that the environment is only as good as we allow it to be by how we treat it. Taking the step towards reusable, sustainable purchases is huge! But, if that hasn’t sold you...have we mentioned how crazy super-soft our pads, tanks, bras, and shawls made of bamboo materials are!? Double bonus - love the planet & enjoy great breastfeeding support!

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