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bamboobies releases fun findings from recent breastfeeding survey

BOULDER, Colo. (August 21, 2017) – How do moms really feel about their adventures in breastfeeding? bamboobies, makers of award-winning, eco-friendly breastfeeding support products, asked moms and their answers revealed both humorous and meaningful insights. These findings come during August’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and at a time when breastfeeding rates continue to rise as 81 percent of new moms want to breastfeed and are currently initiating breastfeeding, according to the CDC.

bamboobies recently surveyed more than 3,300 new moms about their many adventures in breastfeeding. These multi-tasking moms divulged that 23 percent have breastfed while having fun at a concert, 17 percent have breastfed while hiking in the mountains, and even a handful have breastfed during a lengthy wedding ceremony and on the streets of New Orleans during a Mardi Gras parade. It’s also not uncommon for one breast to produce more milk than the other. The bamboobies survey found that the majority of new moms found their right breast to produce more milk than their left. Right-handed, right-breasted? 

The recent survey also found that new moms are frugal and are always looking for a way to save as 78 percent of new moms were motivated to breastfeed their babies because it’s free. New moms also revealed the top benefits of breastfeeding to be: 1) long-term health benefits for baby, 2) mom and baby bonding, and 3) weight loss benefits for mom.  

Although the U.S. is experiencing high breastfeeding initiation rates, the 2016 Breastfeeding Report Card  indicates that many mothers do not continue breastfeeding after six months, as recommended by the CDC. These rates suggest that mothers, in part, may not be getting the support they need, such as from healthcare providers, friends & family members, and/or employers.

“As a mom who has breastfed three children, and is passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding and supporting new moms, I know it’s a journey with many ups and downs,” said Kerry Gilmartin, founder of bamboobies.  “I try to do all I can to encourage new moms to breastfeed for as long as they can, and sharing info like these fun survey results is one way to do that and normalize breastfeeding,” said Gilmartin.  

Last year, Bamboobies surveyed close to 3,000 nursing moms and asked what advice they would share with other new moms. “One great way to support new breastfeeding moms is to continually encourage, give advice, share personal stories and be cheerleaders,” said Gilmartin. “After all, we’re in this together and we’re all family.”  Last year’s surveyed moms share a variety of advice for breastfeeding moms. More helpful advice for breastfeeding moms can be found via bamboobies blog.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is the month of August. For more information on National Breastfeeding Month, events and more, please visit http://www.usbreastfeeding.org/NBM. 

About bamboobies

Mom invented, mom approved, bamboobies is a self-funded startup energized by a mother who saw a gap in the marketplace. In 2010, Kerry Gilmartin founded bamboobies in Boulder, CO, based on a personal mission to provide natural, higher-quality and more modern breastfeeding support products for new moms. Realizing that eco-friendly bamboo fabric provided a luxurious feel and incredible functionality, Gilmartin launched bamboobies to address the need for comfortable, eco-friendly nursing pads that really work. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include award-winning bamboobies® Eco-Pure® Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads, boob-ease® 100% Organic Nipple Balm as well as the Chic Nursing Shawl and other accessories. Learn more and watch the unrated version of the company’s new video at www.buybamboobies.com.



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NEXTY Awards Highlight Innovative, Inspiring, Natural Products


BOULDER, Colo. (March 2, 2016) – bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads have been named one of three finalists in the Best New Natural Living Product category for the 2016 NEXTY Awards.
Invented by a mom, bamboobies makes premium, eco-friendly breastfeeding support products that address a variety of pregnancy and new mom breastfeeding needs. bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads are made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo rayon velour, an absorbent inner layer with an outer milk-proof™ liner to help prevent embarrassing leaks. These award-winning nursing pads are moisture-wicking, absorbent and eco-friendly. They don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads as the signature heart-shaped pad is designed to cup the breast for a smoother silhouette. 


Since 2011, the editors at New Hope have been highlighting the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. Products are judged on innovation, inspiration and integrity and winners will be announced on March 12, 2016 at Expo West/Engredea in Anaheim.


The bamboobies full product line includes: award-winning Washable Nursing Pads, new Disposable Nursing Pads, boob-ease 100% Organic Nipple Balm, Chic Nursing Shawl, and Nursing Brahhhs and Tanks. Kerry Gilmartin, founder and creator of Bamboobies, is a mom of three young children (nine, seven and five years old) and they all were the inspiration behind the Bamboobies brand and product line. As Kerry’s business grew organically, her children have grown as well, with her oldest excited to hopefully be taller than her in a couple of years.   


Kerry will be speaking at Expo West on Wednesday, March 9 during the Natural Products Business School and Pitch-Slam Semifinals. Visit Bamboobies at booth #3568 at Expo to learn more.



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